integrating TextRazor to wikify platform

What does it mean to wikify a website?

The more high-authority links an article contains, the better.  These links not only help boost a page’s SEO and provide a reference for information in the article, but also provide the end user with sources that can help them understand the article or learn more about the subjects mentioned within.   Wikifying in the context of this article refers to the practice of adding in relevant, high-authority links to a website text, like Wikipedia.

Using natural language processing and automatic keyword extraction techniques, websites can be automatically wikified according to the meaning of the text as extracted using artificial intelligence.  This is a massive timesaver as links and categories no longer need to be manually added.

How does TextRazor work?

Using machine learning algorithms, TextRazor is able to parse text and extract relevant information in order to automatically assign categories to a document.  TextRazor then works according to Internet Advertising Bureau QAG guidelines to organize categories using standardized taxonomies, which in turn ameliorates interoperability with third party services.  Easy-to-implement specialized categories are also available, eliminating the need to construct a proprietary training dataset.  All of this artificial intelligence technology ultimately saves time for the website developer, while maintaining a high SEO standard for the website.

In addition to categorizing, TextRazor also allows for less formal topic tagging.  This list keeps up-to-date with the latest language usages and allows for greater flexibility and customization.  TextRazor will also insert links to Wikipedia and other high-authority websites to help boost a page’s authority.

TextRazor supports text in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese text and outputs all data in English, making it easy to internationalize a site’s classification algorithms. and TextRazor: The perfect partnership

As the platform continues to move toward full operability, we are excited to announce that we have begun the process of integrating TextRazor into our website.  Currently we have implemented a golang request/response filtering which uses TextRazor to auto-generate links to Wikipedia when ?wiki is added to the URL.  This allows us to strengthen search engine optimization via links to high-authority third-party websites.

In future, we hope to increase visibility of high-relevance entities with TextRazor-generated links to corresponding Wikipedia pages.  We are also investigating how to use TextRazor Wikidata references to link to company homepages. 

Thanks to TextRazor’s artificial intelligence technology, we are optimistic that we will be able to create a high-quality reference source for crowdfunding and artificial intelligence.