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Fund the Future!

Crowdfunding.AI is a platform merges two
revolutionary concepts - crowdfunding and artificial intelligence. Our
vision is to develop Crowdfunding.AI into a powerful platform where
innovators and investors come together to collaborate on ideas and
products involving the use of artificial intelligence (AI). We are here
to spread awareness about AI, and to interest investors to fund the

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Crowdfunding is one of the best things that
technology has brought to the society. It is the practice of funding a
project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of
people, typically using the Internet. Our platform will be the first
crowdfunding platform specialized in AI, worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence

In plain words, AI is human intelligence
exhibited by machines. The goal of AI is to create intelligent machines
(or computer programs) that work and react like human beings. The
research associated with AI is highly technical and specialized. It
involves programming computers to display human-like traits such as
knowledge, reasoning, problem solving, perception, learning, planning,
and moving or manipulating objects.


Is the first dedicated AI crowdfunding
platform that will enable AI engineers to pitch their project ideas to
investors and individuals around the world. It will also take into
account the ethical dimension of AI projects. Only the projects that
make a positive contribution to the society and adequately address risks
will qualify for fundraising on the Crowdfunding.AI platform. We
believe that Crowdfunding. AI will be valuable in creating AI innovations
that improve the world we live in, while earning sizeable profits for
the investors.

So what are you waiting for? fund the future!

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